If you have questions about your billing, please call the following extension or email the following address based on the first letter of your last name.

Contact: or

  • Sharon F. (A-G):        (501) 743-1509
  • Beverly E. (H-M):       (501) 743-1512
  • Kim S. (N-S):              (501) 743-1511
  • Kim R. (T-Z):              (501) 743-1510             

Medical Records      

Medical Records has 30 days to complete each request. When requesting records we go back to 2012, the beginning of our electronic files. If you need beyond 2012 you must specify on your records request. You may fax records request to (501) 743-1550 or if you have any questions about medical records, please call the following extension:

  • Michelle O. (501) 743-1507



Our Care Coordinators have 10 business days to initiate a referral. If you are wanting to request a referral or have a question about the status of a referral or upcoming test/procedure at another facility, please contact one of our Care Coordinators below. The following Care Coordinators do not schedule lab, call in refills, nor do they relay lab or test results. If this is what you are seeking, then please contact your doctor/nurse via the main line. Messages left about any topics - other than related to scheduling a referral - will not be answered if left on the following emails or message machines.

If you are a patient of Dr. Merrick, Dr. Shotts, or Dr. Stamp:

  • Carri M. - (501) 743-1513   or   Lexi W. - (501) 743-1503

If you are a patient ofDr. Cerrato, Dr. Robertson, or Dr. Blair:

  • Contact Mary Beth M. - (501) 743-1533



We have specialists that come to our office to see their local patients.  If you have an appointment with one of these specialists, their local office is located at 2039 West Main St, Suite C in Cabot. This is in the same plaza as our office but at the opposite end of the strip.  If you have questions for these doctors you will need to contact their main office.  The list of specialists are as follows: 

Main Office

  • Dr. St. Pierre             (Cardio)                 Tuesday AM                                               (501) 758-5133
  • Dr. Caldwell              (Cardio)                 Wednesday AM                                         (501) 975-7676
  • Dr. Cash                    (ENT)                      Wednesday PM                                         (501) 753-8444
  • ArGastro                   (GI)                         Thursday PM                                             (501) 945-3343
  • Dr. Sherbet               (Cardio)                 Friday AM                                                  (501) 992-2002


Call Us:  (501) 843-4555

Phone: (501) 843-4555
Fax: (501) 743-1550

If you have an after hours emergency, please call our Medical Exchange at (501) 373-8444.

Phone messages received after 3:30pm may not be addressed until the following business day.

To contact our Clinic Manager, Nikki Ford:
You can email her at 

To contact our Nursing Manager, Charlie Lang:
You can email her at 

Please list your first and last name and leave a brief message regarding 
comments or questions not addressed elsewhere on the website. 
These emails will be reviewed once or twice a week.

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